Michael Cohen reportedly spoke to prosecutors about Trump Organization irregularities and insurance claims

Donald Trump's then-personal attorney Michael Cohen stands behind him as a group of supporters lay hands on Trump in prayer during a campaign stop at the New Spirit Revival Center church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, U.S. September 21, 2016.
Jonathan Ernst | Reuters

President Trumps former lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, spoke with federal prosecutors in January about potential irregularities within the Trump family business, people familiar with the matter told the New York Times on Friday.

When meeting with the prosecutors, Mr. Cohen, who is scheduled to start serving a three-year prison sentence in May, also discussed past insurance claims filed by the company.

It is unconfirmed whether the prosecutors found Cohen's information credible or whether they plan to dig deeper into the potential irregularities, according to the Times. However, the meeting suggests that they are interested in pursing information about the Trump Organization that have not been delved into before, the report said.

Cohen pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws in August and organizing hush money payments to women claiming to have had relations with President Trump before the 2016 election.

The Trump Organization did not comment on the accusations.

Cohen also discussed information about presidential inaugural committee donor Imaad Zuberi, a political fund-raising venture capitalist from California. Zuberi donated $900,000 to the committee, attempted to hire Cohen as a consultant and wrote him a substantial check, a person familiar with the matter told The New York Times.

Zuberi's spokesperson told the Times that the check was for $100,000 and never cashed.

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