Amazon is moving into health care, its next big market

How Amazon could change the pharmacy business
How Amazon could change the pharmacy business
Key Points
  • Amazon could do a lot to fix the broken drug supply chain. 
  • It's a highly complex market, but it's worth billions of dollars for Amazon. 
  • Health experts say it's a matter of time before Amazon sells prescription medicines on its online marketplace.

Amazon has been described has the "everything store," but it's missing one major category. And that's our prescription medicines. 

But that might soon change, in the wake of Amazon's roughly $1 billion acquisition of PillPack, an internet pharmacy. 

Health experts told CNBC that it's only a mater of time before Amazon starts selling prescription drugs on its online marketplace, and that it's assembling a team to do just that. For Amazon, pharmacy represents a multibillion market opportunity, but it's also highly complicated and will involve battling with some entrenched competition that has a vested interest in keeping drug prices high. 

But Amazon, with its scale, leverage, and supply chain expertise, could be the company to do it, the experts said.