A rare Ferrari worth millions has been stolen during a test drive

Key Points
  • A rare Ferrari with an estimated value of $2.2 million was stolen during a test drive in Germany.
  • The car has been recovered but German police are still hunting the suspect.
Dusseldorf police are asking for help to trace the thief of this rare Ferrari GTO.
Dusseldorf police

Police in Germany are still on the hunt for a man who drove off with a rare Ferrari while taking it for a test drive.

Dusseldorf police say after a two-hour drive on Monday the seller left the car to swap back into the driver's seat. While he was out of the car, the unknown man simply pressed the accelerator and drove away.

After police appealed for witnesses, the car was found on Tuesday evening in a garage in Dusseldorf city center but the opportunist suspect remains at large.

On Wednesday, German police released a photograph of the man inspecting the car before the test drive began.

Dusseldorf police are asking for help to trace this man who they suspect of stealing a rare Ferrari GTO.

The red Ferrari 288 GTO , first registered in 1985, has an estimated worth in excess of 2 million euros ($2.2 million) and has just 27,000 miles on the clock.

Only 272 versions of the Ferrari 288 GTO were ever built.

According to the dealership's own website, this car was once owned by former Formula 1 race driver, Eddie Irvine.

Dusseldorf police