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CNBC Workshops

Gillian Austin: CNBC On-Site Producer at the New York Stock Exchange

Gillian Austin is a CNBC producer at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), supporting five hours of daily live business news programming. She is responsible for the on-site editorial production of "Squawk on the Street," "Squawk Alley," and "Closing Bell." She helps maintain the network's strategic relationship with the stock exchange. Communicating with CNBC headquarters, she plans segments, books floor traders, and executes production requests working closely with CNBC technical operations at the NYSE. She supports multiple anchors, organizing and distributing guest notes, research, scripts, and rundowns. She assists in coordinating IPO coverage at the NYSE and handles all CNBC guest logistics at the stock exchange.

On days of extreme market volatility, eight hours of non-stop programming and evening special reports are not rare. Gillian helps fulfill requests from The Today Show, MSNBC, and Nightly News.

Gillian joined CNBC in 2005 for the launch of "Squawk on the Street," the network's first program broadcast at the NYSE during trading hours.

She began her career at CNN in Atlanta as an intern. She worked as an associate producer at CNN International, responsible for video for three daily live global news programs. Upon moving to New York and transitioning to CNN Financial News, she was the producer for the CNN NYSE correspondent and later worked as a guest booker and segment producer.

Gillian has Bachelor Degrees in Journalism and International Relations from Boston University. She served in the Peace Corps in the Kyrgyz Republic as an English teacher. She speaks Spanish.