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Are you spending smart with credit? Take our quiz and find out

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How do you make a purchase? Do you buy goods or services with cash or do you use debit, digital payments or credit?

Credit is a central component of spending, allowing you to obtain goods and services today with a promise to pay for them later.

Traditionally, Americans pay for small purchases with cash and large purchases with credit. But trends are changing. More Americans now say they don't carry cash. Younger millennials are increasingly using credit for purchases that are less than $10 because some companies offer reward programs.

It's important to spend smart with credit so you can pay your balance each month and build your credit score. The smarter you spend, the greater opportunity you'll have to invest for your future.

So what do you need to know about spending and credit? We partnered with the Council for Economic Education so you can assess your Credit IQ. Take this short quiz to test your knowledge.

If you'd like to take this quiz in Spanish, please visit Telemundo.

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