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CCTV Script 29/07/19


— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on July 29, 2019, Monday.

This week is seen as a super week as 4 central banks will hole monetary policy meeting and of course, the spotlight is the fed.

Monetary policy decision will releases on Wednesday, US local time that is the early morning of Thursday, Beijing time.

Currently, markets think the probability of rates cut is up to 100%, eight out of ten will be cut by 25 basis points.

At the same day, Bank of Brazil will also publish its rates decision, but Bank of Japan will do it on Tuesday. ECB said it will keep the rates, raising the probability that the Bank of Japan will do nothing. After that, BOE will make its rate decision on Thursday.

After new PM takes office, what BOE would do to the hard Brexit, drawing the market's attention. Apart from central banks' meeting, there are still some economy data. Britain and Eurostat will also release preliminary second-quarter GDP figures this week after the U.S. released preliminary second-quarter data Friday

Britain and the Euro zone will each present their semi-annual economic reports to the world, which is also important for predicting the direction of Brexit. On the U.S. side, this week's release of the ADP small non-farm farm data will provide a final reference to the fed's policy meeting. The core PCE price index for June and international trade in goods and services are also widely watched.

On top of that, big corporate earnings are still a lot this week, led by Apple and Qualcomm, Apple is definitely the hottest one.

User data and privacy disclosure problems are just reported, now the market holds a negative attitude to its earnings which will be released Tuesday. So Apple is likely to struggle again in the same way it did three years ago. In addition to the core product sales data, the market will also focus on what apple's services business can achieve.

What will Apple do without its chief design officer? The latest earnings and Apple's official statement will explain to the capital market and global consumers.