Listen to Amazon Alexa speed-reading

Key Points
  • Amazon's Alexa now has seven different speed controls.
  • Users can ask Alexa to "speak slower" or "speak faster."
  • Amazon said it built this feature to help people hard of hearing and for people who are used to listening to audio at faster rates.
Amazon unveils a new version of the Echo Dot at an event on Sept. 20, 2018.
Todd Haselton | CNBC

Amazon on Wednesday announced that customers can now control the speed of Alexa's speech when the voice assistant responds to a message.

That means you can adjust the speed so it's easier to understand. Amazon said some of its customers who are hard of hearing have requested slower speeds and that some customers "who are blind or low vision are used to consuming audio content and want to be able to listen more quickly."

Here's an example of Alexa speaking at full speed:


Alexa now has seven different speed rates for responses, including the default option, two slow rates and four faster options. To change the rate at which Alexa responds, just say "Alexa, speak slower," or "Alexa, speak faster." If you want, you can always return to the default setting by saying "Alexa, speak at your default rate."

Is Amazon Alexa spying on you?
Is Amazon Alexa spying on you?