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CCTV Script 26/08/19

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on August 26, 2019, Monday.

Amazon wildfire draws the world's attention, and it became one of the topics in G7 summit as France President Macron mentioned it. Macron said on weekend that G7 members have agreed on an initial deal about how to help Brazil put out fires and repair damage. We also hope the wildfire can be put out immediately with the help of the international community, but Brazil seems have its own consideration about how does the international community interfere with.

In the case of the amazon fire, the role and attitude of the G7 countries, especially France, is also very delicate, we noticed that Macron was the first one to criticize Brazil doing nothing. But Brazil President Bolsonaro fights back, asking France doesn't interfere with Brazil home affair.

In contrast to Bolsonaro's attitude to thank America for its help, the tensions between France and Brazil are particularly evident. Tension in politics and economy between France and Brazil is becoming more clear now, first, on the political front, France has pushed hard on climate and environmental issues, Bolsonaro argues that a climate deal would undermine Brazil's sovereignty over the amazon rainforest and has hinted at withdrawing from the Paris agreement.

In his presidency, he advocates economic development and the development of the amazon rainforest. Since he took office, the budget of Brazil's environmental law enforcement agency has been cut by $23m, according to CNN. At the end of July this year, Brazil president temporarily cancelled his meeting with French foreign minister, and had a live show about haircut as French foreign minister meet the environmentalists in Brazil.

We know that Bolsonaro accused the environmental agency of arson, just to put political pressure on him. It shows the sensitivity of climate and environmental issues in Brazil. Behind the political issues, economics and trade seem to play a bigger role.

In June, Brazil's Latin American trade bloc MERCOSUR and the European Union agreed on a free-trade agreement that is still awaiting a final vote. But the deal hurt French agricultural interests in part, so France has been strongly opposed.

In the wake of the amazon crisis, the deal has become a major bargaining chip for European Union countries to press Brazil, with France and Ireland again saying they would boycott the deal when attended the G7 summit.

European council President Donald tusk also said the EU supports the deal, but it is hard to see how a deal can pass if Brazil lets the fires get worse.

The free trade agreement between the EU and MERCOSUR did not come easily, the two sides had previously spent 20 years negotiating. The deal is one of the most important trade deals in Brazil's history, Bolsonaro said. Now the fire has created some uncertainty over the deal that Brazil does not want. We will keep an eye on this issue.