Alphabet's legal chief, already in hot water over past relationship, married an employee this weekend

Key Points
  • Alphabet's chief legal officer David Drummond married a Google employee he had been dating.
  • Drummond, the second highest-paid Alphabet executive, joins several other executives who have toed the line with company romance policies.
David Drummond speaks during a meeting of the Advisory Council to Google on the Right to be Forgotten in Paris.
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Alphabet's top lawyer, who made headlines last week after a former Google employee detailed their relationship and claimed he neglected their child, quietly married a current Google employee in the legal department over the holiday weekend.

David Drummond, 56, was scheduled this weekend to wed a 37-year old employee he had been dating named Corinne Dixon, according to three people who asked to remain anonymous. Dixon does not work for Drummond, according to a person familiar with the company's organizational structure. She works in Google's legal department, reporting up to Google Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker, while Drummond is the chief legal officer for Google's parent company, Alphabet. Axios previously reported that the wedding indeed happened.

The marriage comes as Drummond, who made more than $47 million in 2018, toes the line of company policies discouraging employees from dating subordinates, a source of significant employee discontent at the tech giant.

Last October, Drummond's extramarital affair with employee Jennifer Blakely was reported by the New York Times in an article that also implicated other top Google execs, including Android co-founder Andy Rubin, for having relationships with employees and receiving generous severance packages when they left. That article inspired a global walkout of Google employees from its offices. Google has since amended some of its policies relating to sexual misconduct, such as removing forced arbitration clauses from employees' contracts in those cases.

Last week, Blakely wrote a lengthy Medium post which said that she and Drummond, while he was married to another woman, started dating in 2004 and later had a son together. Blakely also said he refused to discuss child support, calling his behavior "nothing short of abuse." She also claimed he had affairs with other people at the company. The next day, Drummond responded with a statement saying he "never started a relationship" with anyone else at Google or its parent company Alphabet.

While working at Google, Dixon held the same "senior contracts manager" role as Blakely at one point, according to her Linkedin profile, which shows she worked at Google for nearly a decade between 2006 and 2015. She then left for the social networking company Pinterest before re-joining Google last spring. She and Drummond disclosed the relationship, which began when she was at Pinterest, before she rejoined, according to a person familiar.

The two attended the San Francisco Symphony together in Sept. 2017, but otherwise appear to have a low-key online presence.

Google has declined to comment on the situation. Drummond didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

CNBC reporter Dan Mangan contributed to this article.

Correction: Drummond is the chief legal officer of Alphabet. The original headline misstated his role as the chief legal officer of Google, which is a separate subsidiary company. In addition, Dixon did not attend a 2015 "Culture Shifting" brunch with Drummond.

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