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CCTV Script 09/10/19

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on October 9, 2019, Wednesday.

Let's take a look over the key figures in this poll. Based on information that we got,

The proportion who say congress should move to impeachment and removal has ticked to 24% from 21%, while those who support an impeachment inquiry have swelled to 31% from 27%.

Taken together, that 55% majority backing an impeachment inquiry at minimum is the highest the poll has shown this year. In comparison, the share of Americans who say there is not enough evidence for Congress to hold an impeachment inquiry and should let Trump complete his first term has dipped to 39%, from 50% in July.

That represents a gradual, not dramatic, shift in opinion. But it shows that after the Trump-Ukraine investigation, the president faces more challenges.

By contrast, Americans' call for Congress to act against Trump has warmed up, in 2016, 50% Americans thought there was no evidence can support an impeachment o Trump.

However, generally, the poll shows a significant chunk of Republicans have doubts. Solid majorities of Democrats and independents call the allegations that Trump sought at Biden investigation serious, while only 21% of Republicans do, another 27% say they are not sure. Even though, the approval rating of Trump is on the downwards trajectory regardless of the direct impact from Trump-Ukraine scandal.

According to another poll released by CNBC earlier this month, the overall approval rating of Trump slides to the lowest level since he took office. Among Republicans, it fell as well.

Democratic pollsters said, there is not a scintilla of good news for Donald Trump in this survey, but Republican counterpart see this poll an openness and willingness to listen to new information. But how would Trump claw back supports from the public is a problem now while the impeachment investigation continues. We will keep close eyes on this issue.