Watch: Trump signs executive orders on transparency in federal guidance and enforcement

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President Donald Trump is expected to sign a pair of executive orders Wednesday that would require agencies to seek public input before issuing regulations to protect small businesses and families.

The order will give businesses and families a chance to express their side of the story before being hit with fines and regulations. It will also seek to prohibit "secret or unlawful bureaucratic interpretations of rules" as well as "unfair or unexpected penalties from agencies," according to Bloomberg.

Trump, who has made deregulation one of his top priorities, is acting on his promise to roll back such regulations on American firms and families.

The White House cited a 2015 blog post from the Labor Department that said independent contractors should be classified as employees. The post sparked confusion and raised costs for thousands of small businesses, according to Bloomberg.

"President Trump is returning control over the government to the American people," said Russ Vought, acting administrator of the White House Office of Management and Budget, in a statement. "These executive orders give this administration the tools to defend Americans' freedom and liberty against off-the-book regulations and prevent unfair penalties from being levied on American families and businesses by rogue agencies."

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