Watch: Trump addresses Chicago police amid tensions over his racial rhetoric, immigration policies

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President Donald Trump will sign an executive order at the Chiefs of Police Annual Conference and Exposition in Chicago on Monday after addressing the group.

The order is expected to create a commission to study mental health and training issues affecting police officers, according to a local NBC reporter.

Trump's visit comes amid heightened tension between his administration and the city of Chicago. Even before his presidency, his relationship with Chicagoans had been rocky.

In 2016, Trump was forced to cancel a campaign rally half an hour before it started when violent protests broke out. When Trump issued a plan to cut federal funding to sanctuary cities within his first 100 days, Chicago, among other large U.S. cities, stood firm and declared it would remain one.

In interviews, Trump branded Chicago as a "war zone," repeatedly criticizing the city for its handling of crime and saying in a tweet that he wants to send in federal intervention to deal with what he called "horrible carnage."

"People are being shot left and right, thousands of people over a short period of time," Trump said in an ABC interview. "Chicago is like a war zone."

A high-level figure in the Chicago Police Department will be noticeably absent from the event. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has chosen to skip the event due to Trump's immigration policies and race rhetoric.

"As police officers, our job is to be the voice for the voiceless and ambassadors to the communities that we serve. I can't in good conscience stand by while racial insults and hatred are cast from the Oval Office, or Chicago is held hostage because of our views on New Americans," Johnson said in a statement released by the Chicago Police Department.

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