Starbucks to open its first mobile pick-up store

Key Points
  • Starbucks will open its first mobile pick-up only store Nov. 5.
  • Customers who visit the New York City store will have to order and pay for their orders using Starbucks' app.
Starbucks' first mobile pick-up store
Source: Starbucks

Starbucks will open its first mobile pick-up cafe Nov. 5 in New York City.

Customers will use Starbucks' app to order and pay for their orders.

The opening of the store, located in Manhattan's Penn Plaza, comes as the coffee chain tries to address consumers' desire for convenience. Starbucks has been rolling out delivery in partnership with UberEats across the United States. Sixteen U.S. markets, including the New York metropolitan area, offer delivery.

Starbucks has also been tinkering with the layouts of its cafes, particularly in high-traffic, urban areas. For decades, the Seattle-based company has described its locations as a "third place," or a gathering place outside of work or home, complete with plenty of tables and cozy seating.

In Beijing, China, Starbucks recently opened a smaller format store that features less seating but is designed to make order pickup and delivery easier.

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