Watch: Trump delivers remarks on federal judicial appointee milestones

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President Donald Trump is approaching a milestone in judicial appointments.

About a quarter of 179 appeals court judges will be Trump appointees if the current group makes it through the Senate's approval process. That will propel Trump well beyond both George W. Bush and Barack Obama in terms of number of appeals court judges appointed at this same point of their respective presidencies.

Most of Trump's picks are replacing judges who were appointed by Republican presidents but some are moving into liberal seats, Fox News reported.

As of Nov. 1, Trump has nominated 222 people and made 157 appointments, according to a judicial tracker from the Heritage Foundation.

"This is an exciting milestone for the president," Judicial Crisis Network policy director Carrie Severino told Fox News.

A vote for Steven J. Menashi, whom Trump had nominated to the Second Circuit, has been delayed due to concerns from Democrats and Republicans about his writings on women and diversity. Menashi took a stand against women protesting sexual assault while at Dartmouth College saying the marches discriminated against men, the New York Times reported. He also defended a fraternity's "ghetto party," to which a white student wore an afro, saying it was "harmless and ultimately unimportant."

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