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Power Rankings: Trade truce, Pelo-ton of press & Burford-Block brawl -- top moments from the week of Dec. 9

Kaci Wasilewski

Here are the top 3 moments from Power Lunch this week:

1. Trade Truce

It's the moment we've been promised, had taken away from us and then promised again. The U.S. and China have finally come to a Phase One trade deal. 

No more tariffs on the horizon this Sunday and China agreeing to buy more U.S. agricultural products (along with some other provisions).

The White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow appeared on Power Lunch Friday to explain why he thinks this is a done deal.

Then our own Kayla Tausche broke down the math behind this complex agreement. 


2. Pelo-ton of Press

All it took for Peloton to become a household name? Become the most controversial ad over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Since airing, the ad was turned into a meme, spoofed multiple times and was accused of being everything from sexist to elitist. 

Even movie star Ryan Reynolds got in on the action, casting the commercial's actress in his own ad for his Aviation Gin (poking fun at Peloton). 

Then to wrap it all up, the actress appeared on "TODAY", with Reynolds.

It's the story that won't go away but Motus One CEO Mike Jackson didn't see that as a bad thing.

He said it could be the gift that keeps on giving for Peloton.

Why Peloton's ad backlash may be a PR win

3. Burford-Block Brawl

Finally, it was the match we didn't expect: Block vs. Bogart.

On Tuesday, Chris Bogart, the CEO of finance litigation firm Burford Capital, joined us to respond to Muddy Waters' short and allegations of fraudulent accounting.

The CEO had some choice words for Muddy Waters Founder Carson Block and his "Stormy" situation.


Block fired back on Twitter shortly after the interview. Throwing some serious shade back at Bogart.



Then, on Friday, Block made an appearance on Power Lunch to explain why he is still betting against Burford Capital. 


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