Kelly Evans: Back in the saddle! And Tesla's off to the races

CNBC's Kelly Evans

Have you seen Tesla today?? The stock is up another 10%--and just crossed the $700 mark for the first time. That's a 60% gain for the year--and it's Feb 3. Tesla is now worth more than all the "big three" automakers (GM, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler)--combined.

We'll have more on that on the show(s) today, plus the latest on coronavirus and its macro impact. Dave Zervos will be joining me on set with his latest musings, and John Rutledge actually has a couple of Chinese stock picks he'll explain as well.

And did you see the ISM manufacturing number this morning? Not too shabby! The survey jumped three points to a 50.9 reading, the best since July and back above the 50 level that indicates overall expansion in the sector. Especially after the terrible Chicago PMI number the other day, that's a bit of a relief.

All that's helping the market rebound from Friday's steep slide; the Dow's up about 300 points but there's still plenty of time before the close. I'll see you at 1 p.m.--yay!--with the very latest.


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