Zoom expands into hardware with $599 video chat device

Key Points
  • Zoom is expanding into hardware as remote work shows no signs of going away.
  • The Zoom for Home – DTEN ME is a 27-inch screen with three wide angle cameras, eight microphones and touchscreen display.
  • The device, produced by partner company DTEN, costs $599 and is available for pre-order now.

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Eric Yuan, CEO, Zoom Video Communications
Source: CNBC

As remote work continues to show no signs of going away, Zoom, which has already established itself as a leading videoconferencing platform, is expanding into hardware.

Its first gadget, the $599 Zoom for Home – DTEN ME is an "all-in-one personal collaboration device" that will allow users to create a more immersive work space in their home offices. The device, created by Zoom's partner DTEN, is a 27-inch screen with three wide angle cameras, eight microphones and a touchscreen display. It's very similar to other video chat devices like Google's Nest Hub, Facebook's Portal and Amazon's Echo Show. But those devices are far cheaper than Zoom's offering. Google's Nest Hub is as cheap as just $90, for example.

The stand-alone device, essentially a large computer-sized tablet, will work with an existing Zoom account and provide access to standard Zoom features. Users will be able to start meetings, make calls and take advantage of interactive annotations. The device will also allow users to sync their calendars, meeting settings and phones.  

Zoom's new device is available for pre-order now, and the company expects to start shipping it in August.

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