Here's why Peloton and Zoom could still have room to run in a post-pandemic world

Peloton bike
Source: Peloton

Peloton and Zoom are some of the biggest winners in the basket of "stay-at-home" stocks, or names that have benefited from pandemic-induced lockdowns.

Both companies have made the transition to a lockdown lifestyle easier for many Americans confined to their homes. Zoom's video chat software became the go-to solution for work meetings and staying in touch with family and friends. Peloton served as an appealing alternative for fitness buffs who could no longer make trips to the gym. 

But Zoom and Peloton's meteoric rise has dampened in recent weeks, after positive coronavirus vaccine data suggested there could soon be a way out of the pandemic. The news sent shares of pandemic high flyers sharply lower, shaving billions off of their market value. It also raised questions about the sustainability of Zoom and Peloton's businesses in a post-pandemic world. 

Some Peloton and Zoom users will revert to their old habits once life returns to normal, but there's reason for optimism because both companies have provided a compelling story for users to keep relying on their products, even when they're no longer required to remain indoors.

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