China's not the only emerging market that Mark Mobius likes right now

Mark Mobius, founding partner of Mobius Capital Partners.
Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Emerging markets may have seen some of the worst outbreaks of Covid-19 globally, but veteran investor Mark Mobius is optimistic that those economies will outperform their developed peers.

Mobius, founding partner of Mobius Capital Partners, said emerging economies will on average grow twice as quickly as developed economies this year. And that bodes well for stocks, he said.

"By and large, these countries have pretty much ignored the lockdowns that had been in effect in many parts of the world," he said during CNBC PRO Talks with Martin Soong on Wednesday.

"That I think meant that the economies of these countries kept on running despite the pandemic," he added.

Here's where to put your money in the emerging markets space, according to Mobius.

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