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Learn in 60 seconds: Three simple ways to quickly grow your savings

Money Basics: This strategy will grow your savings fast

Tori Dunlap spends a lot of time thinking about the most effective ways to handle cash.

The former marketer quit her job after tucking away $100,000 by age 25.

Dunlap now runs Her First 100K, a company that teaches women how to be financially independent.

The business has grown to help more than 1 million women learn about personal finance, but the core strategies behind saving are still the ones Dunlap used to conserve her own money right out of college.

The most important thing everyone should do is to automate their saving, according to Dunlap. Instantly putting money into your savings account won't give you a chance to spend it.

Check out this quick video to learn the three basic tactics you should use to grow your savings.

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