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Cramer's lightning round: I am a buyer of DraftKings

Key Points
  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rings the lightning round bell, which means he's giving his answers to callers' stock questions at rapid speed.

DraftKings: "I think DraftKings is incredibly well run. I think they have to spend a fortune to be able to get customers, but they have an incredible number. I could not believe, according to reports we saw this week, they've got 30% of the market, so I think Jason Robins is doing a very good job, and I'm a buyer, not a seller, of DraftKings."

Ree Automotive:  "No, I mean look, I'm very clear on these things. I like Tesla and I like in terms of the actual batteries, I like Ford. They're putting a giant battery plant. Ford sells at 8 times earnings for heaven's sake. ... Let's get in that one."

JFrog: "I'm actually quite surprised that stock is down about 50%. It's a pretty good company."

B&G Foods: "I wish I liked B&G more. I really do. They've got the Green Giant. They've got a bunch of good old fashioned names. But I mean, I like Campbell's more than I like B&G. I know their yield is lower, but I think Campbell's management is certainly more aggressive than B&G, although I invite B&G on the show."

Skyworks Solutions: "Skyworks Solutions at [roughly] $160 is, I think, a really terrific buy. Yes, it can lower. All stocks can go lower, but they are in the sweet spot with Apple and last I looked, Apple is still doing pretty well."

Apellis Pharmaceuticals: "I just think Regeneron has got the best eye franchise there is, and that's the one I'd like to see you in. ... Regeneron demonstrates its greatness over and over and over again. Let's stick with best of breed."

Keysight Technologies: "Why the heck has this stock collapsed? Their last quarter was absolutely terrific. It was one of the strongest quarters in the entire group. I'm going to throw in Lam Research, by the way. This just makes me angry that that stock is going down. [Agilent Technologies] is good, too. I don't know. All I can say is I think it's wrong."

Disclosure: Cramer's charitable trust owns shares of Ford.

Cramer's lightning round: I am a buyer of DraftKings
Cramer's lightning round: I am a buyer of DraftKings


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