Apple's new iPhone and iPad software will reportedly add lots of big changes

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  • Apple is reportedly bringing a slew of new updates to consumers' iPhones with its upcoming software release.
  • According to Bloomberg, iOS 16 includes updates to notifications, messages and the Health app. The software will also include new multitasking panels for iPads.
  • Its next mobile operating system, iOS 16, is expected to be announced at its annual developer's conference, WWDC, on June 6.

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Apple is reportedly bringing a slew of new updates to iPhones and iPads with its upcoming software releases, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, which the company is expected to announce during its WWDC 2022 developer keynote on June 6.

The changes to the iPhone include updates to notifications, messages and the Health app, according to Bloomberg. Apple introduced new notification changes last year, too, including the option to bundle them together into a summary at a certain time of the day, and a new Focus mode that limits the notifications you see during specific times. The messages app is expected to get new audio features, Bloomberg said.

Meanwhile, the Health app is projected to get new features that work with the iPhone and Apple Watch, according to Bloomberg.

Apple is reportedly going to add new widgets to the lock screen with support for "always-on" displays on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. That would allow you to see widgets on your iPhone even when it's just sitting on your desk. Right now, the iPhone screen goes dark when it isn't in use. But always-on displays have become commonplace on Android phones manufactured by Samsung, Google and other phone makers.

Still, Apple often unveils its latest iPhone in the fall, so it will still be a few months before consumers are able to buy phones that can use that feature.

The report also said Apple will add new iPad multitasking options. Last year, it made it much easier for two apps to run side by side, but some people who want to do more with their iPads have long wished for the option to run even more apps in different windows, like you might on a Mac.

Apple usually announces new software at the event then releases it in beta for users to try before the final version is released to all users in the fall.

The company may also announce new MacBook Air laptops at the event, Bloomberg said.

An Apple spokesperson wasn't immediately available to comment.

Read the full report from Bloomberg here.

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