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Boeing airplane deliveries picked up in November

Key Points
  • Boeing delivered 48 planes last month, up from 35 in October.
  • The manufacturer logged orders for 21 planes.
  • The orders do not include United Airlines' massive order for new 787 Dreamliners.

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Boeing's last 747 aircraft, #1574, at its factory in Everett, Washington.
Leslie Josephs | CNBC

Boeing's aircraft deliveries picked up last month with airlines getting more 737 Max and 787 Dreamliner planes.

The manufacturer handed over 48 planes last month, up from 35 in October, with carriers United, American and Qatar Airways each getting two 787s apiece. Boeing also delivered 32 of its 737 Max planes to carriers including United and Southwest.

November deliveries also included the second-to-last Boeing 747, which went to Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings. The final 747, #1574, rolled out of Boeing's Everett, Washington, factory last week. It is scheduled to be delivered to a cargo and charter airline in the first quarter.

Boeing logged orders for 21 planes in November, which did not include United's massive order for at least 100 Dreamliners, announced earlier Tuesday.

So far this year, Boeing has delivered 411 planes and logged net orders for 571 planes.