Ten tablets changed this business

Created for T-Mobile.

In 2009, Donna Lomazini, Bryony Zasman and Noleen Zasman started ZOOMcatalog, a cloud-based library that allows clients to store and send catalogs digitally. At this year's iCONIC conference, they won T-Mobile's Un-leash your Business contest, and their company received a full T-Mobile business package, including ten mobile devices, and international access to the network. They had no idea the impact it would have on their company. "We're all in contact with everybody all of the time, no matter where they are," said Noleen Zasman.

We met the team of ZOOMcatalog at the Denver stop on the 2016 iCONIC tour. iCONIC is a joint creation of CNBC and Inc., and is sponsored by T-Mobile. The conference series draws together some of the most enterprising small businesses in the nation. ZOOMcatalog was selected as the winner of the T-Mobile Un-Leash Your Business Contest.

The infusion of new mobile services bodes well for ZOOMcatalog. Said Zasman, "we are set to explode in the next couple of years."

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