Japan: A Land of inspiration and innovation

New ideas start here—in Japan. Ideas that inspired innovators to revolutionize industries. Ideas on how to minimize distractions and free your mind. Ideas that make Japan a unique destination and an outstanding point of departure for the next stage in your lifelong journey to success.

As we approach 2020—when Tokyo will host the Summer Olympics and Paralympics—elements of Japanese culture have been embraced around the world. That impact extends far beyond iconic Japanese brands that surround us at home and in the office. Sushi and ramen are readily available dining options in countless cities. Children and adults alike love Japanese animation and comics. The books of authors like Haruki Murakami have followers worldwide.

Alongside these goods and services, Japanese ideas are also being widely embraced. The fascination of Steve Jobs with Zen Buddhist teachings inspired him to create "insanely great" products. Marie Kondo's art of tidying up has encouraged millions to embrace minimalism and create space for inviting focus into their lives.

Amid this upsurge in appreciation for Japanese culture, people are increasingly flocking to the place that gave birth to these concepts: Japan, where the 21st century delivers sensory stimulation while timeless values of calmness and stability keep you centered.

One pleasant surprise for many new visitors to Japan is the care that people take in ordinary interactions. When two Japanese meet for the first time in a professional context, they will observe a thoughtful etiquette when exchanging business cards, with every gesture conveying mutual respect.

This way of being attuned to others is also evident in the realm of hospitality. Japan has its own distinctive style, captured in the word "omotenashi." At restaurants and shops, staff offer friendly greetings and attend to your every need. During corporate events, you will be amazed at the efforts made to ensure that everything goes smoothly. In any situation where you are the guest, the Japanese around you will do their utmost to make you feel well cared for.

Omotenashi embodies meticulous attention to detail, a legacy that can be traced to cultural traditions which evolved in Japan over the ages—Zen Buddhism, the tea ceremony, calligraphy, and martial arts. The heritage they share is mindfulness, a practice blossoming in many of the world's leading centers of innovation.

Nothing, however, compares to experiencing mindfulness in the land that many consider to be its place of birth. Authentic Japanese culture is a wellspring of deep perspectives and the innovations they generate. New ideas start here, nurtured by timeless wisdom. In Japan, you will find yourself engaging with the best of the past and the future in a perfectly organized present.

With its unparalleled combination of culture, cuisine, and cutting-edge technology, Japan is a standout choice for international conferences and corporate retreats. Global brands have put down roots not only in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, but also in sparkling new environments in Okinawa, Kyushu, and Hokkaido. Knowledgeable destination management companies ensure everything is prepared down to the last detail.

Countless exceptional venues make any occasion uniquely memorable. In Tokyo, imagine an event at Zojoji—a temple steeped in the mystique of the shoguns—or at the Kokugikan arena, the storied home of sumo. Or consider Kyoto, a cultural wonderland where geisha will guide you on a journey through centuries of elegant entertainment.

Away from the best-known locations, a different and equally fascinating Japan awaits. Each region has a distinct identity that plays into one-of-a-kind experiences. Take the chance to explore, confident in the knowledge that anywhere you go everything will be clean and well maintained. When you're traveling to or from corporate venues or leisure destinations, you'll be able to count on trains, subways, buses, and taxis to operate punctually and efficiently.

Attention to detail, care for guests, love of scenic beauty, and respect for tradition will all contribute to a feeling that one trip is simply not enough. Where else in the world is it so easy to find inspiration that can center your mind on your next professional challenge?

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