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Japan Powering Tomorrow



Stimulating growth through advanced technology

2020 has seen a global pandemic threatening lives, shattering public health systems, and plunging the global economy into a severe contraction.

Confronted with such unprecedented turmoil, many countries are struggling to rebuild and recover. Japan is getting back on track through the application of its trademark ingenuity, intelligent infrastructure and advanced technology.

Japan: Powering Tomorrow, a two-part documentary series, explores how the country is tackling challenges head-on through innovation and technology. From its world-renowned advances in MedTech and revolutionary developments in robotics and AI, we meet Japan’s bright thinkers who are breaking new ground to overcome the immediate impact of COVID-19, whilst also working to transform and advance our lives in a post-pandemic future.

A New Frontier for Healthcare

This program is a commercial feature created for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

COVID-19 has put unprecedented stress on public health systems worldwide. Without a vaccine or cure, medical and healthcare professionals have been under strain like never before – with Japan being no exception.

Japan’s private enterprises have stepped up to the challenge, swiftly adapting and customizing their innovations to support the fight against the disease.

From adopting AI-powered mobile robotics to protect the vulnerable, to the application of revolutionary UV disinfectant lamps to safely eliminate viruses without endangering humans; to CGI mapping of the disease to decipher the effects the virus on the human body, to ground-breaking 3D bio-printing technology that can regenerate human tissues and organs to help patients recover from the impact of the virus.

In this episode, we learn how Japan is applying these technologies to better prepare us for future pandemics while reimagining what is possible across the healthcare sector for tomorrow’s world.

Advancing Our World In The New Normal

This program is a commercial feature created for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

The pandemic has plunged the global economy into a deep recession, and the road to recovery will be a long and tumultuous.

Resilience, agility and innovation is key to sustaining growth. Japan is leading the way by swiftly responding to the impact of the outbreak, with companies adapting and customizing their innovations to help keep life moving in the “new normal“.

Resilience, agility and innovation is key to sustaining growth.

From robots that patrol and sanitize public spaces, to 3D Body Scanners that can help revitalize the retail sector, to remote controlled robotics performing socially distanced physical tasks through AI & VR technology; the nation’s brightest minds have directed their energy towards helping urban living thrive during the pandemic.

As we look to a future post-pandemic world, these advancements can bring greater safety and security to urban areas, driving growth and presenting new opportunities for a better, more advanced future for us all – whatever challenges may arise.

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