Playing by new rules: supply chain challenges and opportunities in 2020

Playing by new rules:
supply chain challenges and opportunities in 2020

COVID-19 has caused widespread disruption to international supply chains across many key markets. As businesses look to adapt for the future, where should they invest for growth?

In our webcasts, with the UK Government’s Department for International Trade, we examine how the UK is a destination of choice for businesses looking to build resilience into their supply chains across critical sectors.

2020: The supply chain’s digital frontier

Advanced digital technologies are playing a critical role in allowing businesses to respond to supply chain disruption, from the need to automate workplaces to building supply chain transparency with blockchain technology.

We meet global supply chain experts as well as leading businesses to discuss how innovative UK companies are adopting new technologies to support their global partners.

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Reimagining advanced manufacturing

Whether it’s pioneering new materials or driving forward the sustainability agenda, the UK’s advanced manufacturing sector is dynamic, well-resourced and plugged into international networks.

Here we explore the supply chain challenges facing businesses in this sector, and how firms based in the UK are supporting partners around the world.

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Why the UK?

The UK provides a clear route for businesses worldwide to build resilience into their supply chains, due to its powerful combination of:


The UK is ranked in the top 5 in the Global Innovation Index 2019. With a rich heritage of innovation, universities brimming with talent and R&D tax relief, we foster businesses that move quickly and respond dynamically to the latest trends and technologies.


From having four of the world’s top 10 universities to offering one of the lowest Corporation Tax rates in the G20, the UK is committed to investing in a social and regulatory framework that helps business thrive.


The UK has the largest air transport system of any major European economy, as well as road, rail and sea links that span the world, ensuring businesses based here can easily connect to partners globally.

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