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Staying in control of our digital well-being

Staying in control of our digital well-being

Are we getting the most out of technology, or is technology getting something out of us? This video series explores how technology is affecting our lives, and how to best navigate the pitfalls and benefits that come with it.

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Wag the dog: How technology dominates our lives

From smartphones to artificial intelligence and even Amazon — find out how technology has shifted from enhancing our lives to negatively impacting our behavior, keeping us online longer and creating its own catch-22.

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Wag the dog: How technology dominates our lives

Fake news: The psychological implications of disinformation

The rise of cyberbullying

Fear of missing out — Our social media addiction

Being In control

We are a digital well-being initiative that aims to raise awareness through translating research- based understanding of the amplification of technology on our lives into audience friendly materials and tools, with a vision to create a world where we are all in control of our digital lives.

By becoming a dedicated space for this important topic, we hope to create a common ground for responsible technology consumption, encourage cross-cultural research knowledge-sharing on digital wellbeing and actively support its constant progress.

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