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  • Auto worker works on assembly line at GM Lansing Grand River plant.

    A person briefed on the matter says General Motors will pay more than $189 million in profit-sharing to 48,000 hourly workers and millions more in performance bonuses for salaried employees.

  • SS_The_Cheapest_Cities_To_Own_A_Car_Cover.jpg

    Which cities are the least expensive per year for car owners? Sperling’s Best Places compiled a top-ten list. Click to see which cities fared the best.

  • Eminem in Chrysler commercial

    Coming off the very successful Super Bowl commercial there are reports that Eminem and Chrysler are talking about getting together and doing it again.

  • Sergio Marchionne

    When Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne walked into the Chicago Auto Show, he was smiling and shaking hands with Chrysler employees and carrying a confidence we haven't seen at Chrysler in years. Amazing how one ad in the Super Bowl can change the atmosphere at a company. You can feel the change at Chrysler. You can see it on face of Marchionne.

  • Tesla Motors shares finished more than 6 percent higher Tuesday, on speculation that electric car buyers could be motivated by a new tax rebate.

  • 2010 Toyota Prius

    After spending almost a year investigating the cause of Toyota cars and trucks suddenly speeding up, the Department of Transportation found no electronic problems in Toyota vehicles that could have caused unintended acceleration. For Toyota it is vindication. Vindication at a steep price, but vindication just the same.

  • RBC Capital Markets reveals which financial institutions could soon up their dividend. The "Fast Money" traders weigh in.

  • secret_140.jpg

    How much do you know about whistleblowers?

  • Cramer likes that the Spanish bank continues to make acquisitions. And the days ahead are brighter for the American car companies.

  • Chrysler grille

    Shortly after Chrysler ran its 2:00 commercial in the Super Bowl, Twitter and Facebook lit up with applause for the American automaker. There was no shortage of people praising the spot featuring images of Detroit, its famed native son Eminem, and a new Chrysler tag line, "Imported from Detroit."

  • Nissan Leaf

    Nissan has admitted to delays in delivering its new Leaf model to customers in the US, the biggest market for the heavily hyped electric car. The FT reports.

  • Darth Vader

    In a crowded field of Super Bowl ads for the car companies, Volkswagen has scored early with a commercial attracting scores of viewers before it even airs during the game Sunday.

  • Audi

    I hope the Super Bowl will be as exciting as expected. The commercials, that is. USA Today reports that six automakers will create a traffic jam during commercial breaks on Sunday, promoting nine different brands.

  • oil_new_1.jpg

    AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson calls it the "freak out point." It's the price for a gallon of gas when consumers will freak out and make a conscious decision to change their driving habits, the type of car or truck they will buy, or perhaps decide not to buy at all.

  • traffic_light_red_200.jpg

    It's a common complaint, I hear and yes, have even lodged myself: red light cameras are ridiculous and a tool cities use just to rake in money through tickets. We like to portray ourselves as victims. After all, our driving is never the problem right?

  • Chrysler grille

    The skeptics will yawn at Chrysler's fourth quarter financial results. Yes, they were not spectacular (net loss of $199 million with and operating profit of $198 million) compared with the rest of the auto industry

  • The bears say no, but let’s hear it straight from the source—the CEO.

  • The "Mad Money" host reveals his plans for the days to come.

  • Plus, get calls on the Nasdaq’s pullback, Ford’s earnings and more.

  • Ford

    Ford Motor posted disappointing fourth-quarter earnings, after a charge for debt payments, higher costs to launch new vehicles, increasing commodity prices and a loss in its European operations. The news sent its shares down significantly, over 10 percent, on Friday.