American Greed

Creating aliases on the run

John Donald Cody utilized multiple fake identities featuring real people's names to keep authorities off his trail.

When he was caught in Portland, Oregon, John Donald Cody had numerous job applications from a security company. He appears to have used the information on these applications on fake identities. How he got the applications is a mystery.

One of Cody's id's used a name so unique, it proved to be his downfall.

In Oregon, Cody used these fake id's to rent a storage locker where authorities found close to $1 million.

Claiming to be a consultant for Boeing, Cody rented a room from Celia Moore. She didn't know his true identity

Though he went to great trouble to create fake id's Cody overlooked some details. In this New Mexico driver license, he misspelled Albuquerque.

Cody created not just ids but whole personas. Along with a driver license and social security card, he also carried a Massachusetts fishing license.

When authorities opened a locker Cody rented in Portland, they found many id pictures featuring different looks.

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“American Greed” is narrated by stage, screen, and television actor Stacy Keach. He is best known for his portrayal of Detective Mike Hammer and his Golden Globe-winning portrayal of Ernest Hemingway.

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