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Dan Roth

Dan Roth
Editor in Chief & Vice President, LinkedIn

Daniel Roth is the global editor of LinkedIn, the world'slargest platform and publisher of business-relevant content and is based out ofLinkedIn's New York City offices.

LinkedIn is the world's largest platform and publisher of business-relevant content, a fact that led the never-understated Business Insider to call him the "most powerful business journalist on the Internet." In his role, Roth oversees the LinkedIn global editorial team that handles curation of breaking news on LinkedIn, creation of original articles and videos and the cultivation of high-quality contributors across the site. Since Roth took on the role in 2011, he helped build and launch efforts like:

  • LinkedIn Influencers a collection of the world's foremost thinkers, leaders and innovators— Jamie Dimon, Indra Nooyi, Dieter Zetsche, Christine Lagarde and hundreds more — who have made LinkedIn their home for talking to and with the professional world
  • LinkedIn's top editorial franchises like LinkedIn Top Companies, which through data ranks the companies most in-demand by job seekers globally.
  • The Daily Rundown, a 7-day-a-week newsletter delivered to LinkedIn members in 5 countries. The Daily Rundown is a quick look at the news and ideas trending across LinkedIn and elsewhere that professionals need to know to be better each day.
  • Influencer Interviews, in which Roth talks with top leaders like Richard Branson, Hillary Clinton, Ray Dalio, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meg Whitman, Mary Bara, Howard Schultz and more about how they run their operations and where they see the world going.

Roth's background is as a writer and editor. As a senior writer at Wired, he wrote deep dives on what Larry Page wanted out of Android; Brian Robertson's vision for Comcast; Shai Agassi's ultimately imploded bet on creating the world's most powerful electric car company. His 2009 story on Demand Media was included in Yale Press' Best Technology Writing 2010. Before Wired,he was a founding writer at Condé Nast Portfolio.

Roth was also the editor of, where he launched Dan Primack's Term Sheet and other sustaining brands, and a long time senior writer and editor at Fortune. Some of his most cited stories include secretly embedding at America's top employer, The Container Store; a rare joint interview with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates; and a story in which he followed the creators of Skype as they were building their company. His piece on Pat Robertson's business empire earned him a letter from Robertson suggesting that he's bound for hell.

Roth started his career at the Triangle BusinessJournal in Raleigh, NC. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and 3 sons and isoriginally from Kentucky.