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Deanne Bell is an engineer, television host, and the founder & CEO of Future Engineers.

Prior to becoming a TV host and entrepreneur, Deanne designed opto-mechanics for military aircraft sensors and worked as a senior application engineer for a CAD software startup. Her previous television hosting credits include PBS, ESPN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and DIY Network.

Deanne's company, Future Engineers, currently hosts a series of student invention challenges developed in partnership with NASA and the ASME Foundation as a joint commitment to the White House Maker Initiative. Future Engineers is a 2016 Small Business Innovation Research grant awardee from the US Department of Education and was named a Breakthrough Award winner by Popular Mechanics in 2015.

When Deanne's not working, she seeks out global travel and outdoor adventure. She has hiked to the base of Mt. Everest, cycled from Seattle to Los Angeles, and backpacked solo throughout Asia.

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  • Inside MMAMI: Geeking Out Over Drones

    Make Me a Millionaire Inventor | “Weekend Warriors”: Deanne Bell explains what makes the Aquadrone unique and why she thinks it will succeed. George Zaiden lets us know what drew him to the Tailgator and goes into details about the deal.

  • Inside MMAMI: Taking It To The Next Level

    Make Me a Millionaire Inventor | “Making Green”: Deanne Bell explains the design changes needed to get the Hive Genie out into the marketplace. George Zaidan elaborates on why he choose the "Mowa" water filter, and provides an update on what has happened since the deal was made.

  • Inside MMAMI: Upgrading the Game

    Make Me A Millionaire Inventor | “Athletic Ambition”:George Zaidan explain the changes that needed to be made on Lazer 900, a computerized basketball training system. Deanne Bell takes us on the journey into the recreation of Mr. Hoverboard, a wheel-free hoverboard.

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  • Deanne Bell is an engineer, television host, and the founder of, a platform that hosts national invention challenges for students.

  • George Zaidan is a science educator, television and web host, producer, and card-carrying nerd.

  • Based in Los Angeles, CA, Bluefish Concepts is a product development company that works with everyone from first time inventors to multi-national corporations to transform ideas into sellable products.

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