Poland Stories


  • 	Polish stocks undervalued: Warsaw Stock Exchange

    Pawel Graniewski, vice-president of Warsaw Stock Exchange, says local stocks are undervalued, making it attractive for foreign investors.

  • ECB needs to weaken euro: NBP's Belka

    Marek Belka, president of the National Bank of Poland, says that the European Central Bank needs to take measures to weaken the euro.

  • Tapering will not hit Poland as hard as other EMs: NBP's Belka

    Marek Belka, president of the National Bank of Poland, says that tapering will not hit the country as hard as other emerging markets as Poland wasn't the biggest beneficiary of the policy.

  • Poland 'has to look forward': Former PM

    Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, former prime minister of Poland, describes the country's new finance minister as "perfect for the job" due to his strong economic background.

  • Poland thinking about shale and nuclear

    Agata Hinc, managing director at demosEuropa, explains that Poland is working on its energy mix to diversify away from coal, and that shale gas, nuclear energy and renewables are all on the table.

  • How do you make money from Polish stocks?

    Tomasz Czechowicz, managing partner and CEO of MCI Management, says that export driven businesses, e-commerce and financial sector stocks are ones to watch.

  • Change in Poland is 'underestimated': Former PM

    Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, former Polish prime minister,r efutes claims that polish reforms have stalled and says conditions for banks and businesses are continuously improving.

  • Former Polish fin min was a 'liability'

    Professor Krzysztof Rybinski, rector at Vistula University, says that former Polish finance minsiter Jacek Rostowski was a "liability" to the government, but the new appointment Mateusz Szczurek, is an "excellent economist".