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  • Silver bar and coins

    An increasingly hot topic in some circles as silver prices soar: Whether the Sprott Physical Silver Trust, a silver closed-end fund better known as the PSLV, should be worth more – bar for bar – than the iShares Silver Trust ETF, generally referred to as the SLV?

  • Herb on the Street

    CNBC's Herb Greenberg explains why not all silver investments are created equal.


    Nasdaq OMX and NYSE cancelled trades in 10 exchange-traded funds after their prices plummeted in early trading on Thursday, raising questions about measures implemented to safeguard investors against sharp market swings after last year’s “flash crash,” the Financial Times reports.

  • wallSt_trader2_032011_200.jpg

    This year is likely to bring another record number of exchange traded funds, with a good number of them built around booming sectors and exotic niches.

  • stock_chart_2_200.jpg

    In our annual special report, you'll find a bucket of investment-advice stories, as well as soothsaying analysis from our coterie of market watchers, stock charts, polls, slideshows and a quiz.

  • The Federal Reserve has objected to BofA's plans to boost its dividend. In the wake of the news, the "Fast Money" traders reveal how they're playing financials.

  • Shares in Tokyo dropped following the deadly March 11 earthquake and tsunami

    That sound of pounding hooves you’ve been hearing is of investors entering Japan, not leaving the disaster-ravaged country, which has become an unlikely darling for fund money.

  • Following the disasters in Japan, trader Steve Cortes on Thursday said China is in "a lot of trouble." Here's how he recommends trading it.

  • Unfortunately, a short-covering rally in Japanese equities does not mean the nuclear crisis there is over. However, traders this morning are trying to look down the road. Simply put: chaos means dislocations.

  • oil_barrells_ap_200.jpg

    Despite oil’s run, energy sector stock ETFs, which invest in the stocks of energy companies, have been the clear winner —thanks to the extra kick they get from the stock market.

  • "There are a lot of values out there because everybody is in the moment—there's ETFs (exchange-traded funds), there's minute- to- minute trading—and that's creating more and more deviations for people who look under the hood, and I think there's a lot of room still on the upside," Olstein said.

  • Oil

    With much speculation about how high oil prices will go amid the unrest throughout the Middle East, one CEO told CNBC on Friday that oil will actually go down, to as little as $70 a barrel.

  • handcuffs_suit3.jpg

    ETFs have emerged as a possible mechanism for maximizing gains in one stock while potentially masking trading patterns, people familiar with the matter told the FT.

  • From the mindless trivia department: The biggest ETF of all is the SPDR S&P 500 Index, with $93 billion in assets.

  • The political protests taking place in Egypt have captured the attention of the world and spurred investor demand for exposure to this nation.  A report from TheStreet.

  • "Fast Money" trader Pete Najarian explains what's prompted aggressive upside call buying in two industries on Wednesday.

  • "DRJ" explains what this heavy options activity says about the emerging markets.

  • There are a handful of ETFs with exposure to Egypt and Mideast, but their trading volume is ridiculously thin with little in the way of assets under management.  And in the world of investing, thin equals dangerous because stocks can rise and fall in big swings on little volume.

  • annuities

    One part of the ETF (exchange-traded fund) story that hasn’t gotten much attention, actively managed ETFs.  Unlike most ETFs, which are really nothing more than an index, actively managed ETFs are just that—actively managed by a manager who is trying to beat the market.

  • We updated this post with even more plays from the Fast Money traders!

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