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George Zaidan

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George Zaidan is a science educator, television and web host, producer, and card-carrying nerd.

He created, writes, and hosts National Geographic's web series Ingredients; he co-writes and directs MIT's web series Science Out Loud; and he also has written and voiced several TED-Ed viral videos. George's favorite projects include creating MIT's first ever reality web series, revealing the secret behind white asparagus, explaining why ketchup is so hard to get out of the bottle, helping develop a massive open online course on protein drug development, and giving a friendly satellite-fixing space robot his television debut. His work has been featured in The Boston Globe, NPR's The Salt, NBC's Cosmic Log, Science, Business Insider, and Gizmodo.

George graduated Phi Beta Kappa from MIT with an S.B. in Chemistry and the F.D. Greene Teaching Award. He has also been honored by the Goldwater Foundation, the New Media Consortium, Khan Academy, and Merck.

George advises startups and nonprofits on media strategy, and served as a trustee of the Washington International School. He is a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Education and a member of the American Chemical Society.

George is also an avid rock climber, former single-digit-handicap golfer, beginning tennis player, and recreational cook.

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    Make Me a Millionaire Inventor | “Weekend Warriors”: Deanne Bell explains what makes the Aquadrone unique and why she thinks it will succeed. George Zaiden lets us know what drew him to the Tailgator and goes into details about the deal.

  • Inside MMAMI: Taking It To The Next Level

    Make Me a Millionaire Inventor | “Making Green”: Deanne Bell explains the design changes needed to get the Hive Genie out into the marketplace. George Zaidan elaborates on why he choose the "Mowa" water filter, and provides an update on what has happened since the deal was made.

  • Inside MMAMI: Upgrading the Game

    Make Me A Millionaire Inventor | “Athletic Ambition”:George Zaidan explain the changes that needed to be made on Lazer 900, a computerized basketball training system. Deanne Bell takes us on the journey into the recreation of Mr. Hoverboard, a wheel-free hoverboard.

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  • Deanne Bell is an engineer, television host, and the founder of, a platform that hosts national invention challenges for students.

  • George Zaidan is a science educator, television and web host, producer, and card-carrying nerd.

  • Based in Los Angeles, CA, Bluefish Concepts is a product development company that works with everyone from first time inventors to multi-national corporations to transform ideas into sellable products.

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