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Gil Prather

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Known by his musician peers as "The Man from the Rio Grande," Prather is an American hall of fame singer/songwriter. Early in his career, Gil's talent and versatility was recognized by major producers in both the music and entertainment industries.

He has written and produced several award-winning radio and TV commercials and in 1996, he wrote the decorated song, "I'll Be Back in Texas by the Fall," which was voted Song of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists. Gil offers a unique style of self-penned Americana music with a Tex-Mex border flavor.

From 1990 -1997, Gil was 'the other brother' in the 'Jose Brothers' comedy act which toured the southern United States. In the mid-1990's he teamed with Robert James Waller ("The Bridges of Madison County") to co-write several selections from Waller's Border Music album. Gil has been a cowboy since birth, spent time in the cattle and ranching business, and as well as the construction industry.

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