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Gloria McDonough-Taub

Gloria McDonough-Taub
Senior Editor

Gloria McDonough-Taub is the senior editor of blogs at CNBC.com and the author of the network's blog, "Bullish on Books." She reviews the books that come in to CNBC and works with the shows to decide which author has a good enough story to be featured on our site or on our air. McDonough-Taub has nearly 30 years of TV experience including local and national news, documentaries, talk shows and syndication. She's interviewed presidents, pundits, and pampered princesses. Now she just wants to kick back and read a good book.



    One of life’s greatest little mysteries is why digital books haven’t taken off. I don’t get it. I own the Sony Reader and I love it--especially when I travel. Gone are the days of carrying suitcases full of book--now I can carry dozens of books all on one thin, lightweight digital book.

  • One of the lessons Darst shared with Cramer and is now sharing with his readers is you can’t do it alone – you need Uncle Frank. Darst writes, “Uncle Frank is the single most valuable resource you will have as you set up your asset allocation plan and begin the journey to make your dreams come true.”

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    Today everyone with a computer has a say and an opinion – and now more than ever those opinions are influencing millions of people around the world. This can be both terrifying and thrilling for companies who are smart enough to know we’re in a consumer-driven world.

  • Executive Warfare - By David D'Alessandro

    "You only have to take your adversaries down if they are acting in a manner to damage you. What is fair is fair. If they are trying to compete unfairly through deceit, lies or/and other unethical behavior, you have every right to "take them down." And you can do it in a businesslike and professional manner. That’s not devious, that's survival."

  • Winning The Answers - by Jack and Suzy Welch

    I got an email from Suzy Welch who is spending the summer writing her upcoming book, “10-10-10: Transform Your Life with Clear, Considered, Stress-Free Choices”. The book is being published by Scribner (an imprint of Simon & Schuster) and will be ready next spring.

  • against-medical-advice.jpg

    Little, Brown and Company’s fall catalog just came in and among its offerings is a first for the writing machine otherwise known as James Patterson. This industry – oops, I mean author, has sold more than 150 million books to the tune of more than $1.5 billion. NOW – he’s written his first NON-fiction story, “Against Medical Advice.”

  • When Markets Collide - by Mohamed El-Erian

    I don’t know what it is, but it’s a fact: summer and reading go together like gin and tonic – two classics that just can’t be ignored when the weather heats up. Ever since grade school we’ve known that summer is a time for reading – real reading, the kind of reading you do for your soul – the best kind of reading.

  • Becoming a Resonant Leader

    I love the 4th of July! I think it’s my favorite holiday because it’s full of such hope: hope for good weather, hope for a great sale and hope for the country. Think about it, this is the time of year when the whole world wishes they too could be a Yank.

  • Chain of Blame

    Wiley is rushing out CHAIN OF BLAME: How Wall Street Caused the Mortgage and Credit Crisis. The book goes on sale July 15th and is written by financial reporters Paul Muolo and Mathew Padilla.

  • Because I know you always want to know before anyone else – I wanted to share some of the recent book deals.