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  • Sharon Epperson

    They are the anchors and reporters who bring America's premier business channel to life everyday. Smart. Tenacious. Unique. And they'll all tell you the same thing: at CNBC, it's about the people.

  • Brett Crosby

    American business thrives on hard work, creative energy, and solid data. These are the stories of small businesses, industry consultants, and entrepreneurs, who have made CNBC an essential part of their working life. CNBC keeps them on top of the news and the markets, and gives them an edge. They don't just watch... they use CNBC every day.

  • Julie Aigner-Clark

    Visionaries. Entrepreneurs. Trailblazers. Just a few words to describe the men and women we have been fortunate enough to feature on this site. Their spirit drives American business - hear their stories.

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