School of Management, Fudan University: China's Only Business School With 3 Programs Ranked In The Top 100 Global EMBA Programs by Financial Times

SHANGHAI, Oct. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 15, 2012, the Financial Times (FT) announced its 2012 rankings of EMBA programs around the world. School of Management, Fudan University was exhilarated to see three of its programs among the Top 100 EMBA Programs in FT's rankings. This unprecedented achievement has made the school the very first business school in mainland China or even Greater China to receive such an honor.

School of Management, Fudan University submitted three of its programs this year to the FT's Global Rankings of EMBA Programs. The three submitted programs were: Fudan-Washington University EMBA Program; Fudan EMBA Program; and Fudan-HKU IMBA Program. According to the recently announced rankings, the Fudan-Washington University EMBA Program ranks 9th this year. The Program has ranked among the Top 20 EMBA Programs worldwide seven years in a row since its first entry into the FT rankings in 2006. It has also ranked Top 1 EMBA Program in mainland China in average seven years in a row. The Fudan EMBA Program, a program fully taught in Chinese, enters the rankings for the first time this year at 35th place. It is also the Top 1 Chinese EMBA program worldwide. The Fudan-HKU IMBA Program also enters the rankings for the first time this year and ranks 54th and 6th among the part-time MBA programs.

It is worth mentioning that the Fudan-Washington University EMBA Program has ranked Top 1 in mainland China in terms of research for seven years in a row. In addition, the graduate compensation of the graduates of the Chinese-English Fudan-HKU IMBA Program have grown by 96%, ranking 3rd in the world.

The annual FT rankings are the most globally recognized and authoritative rankings of MBA programs based on strict and scientific evaluation standards regarding overall quality and career development of students, academic achievements and research capability of schools, and their levels of internationalization. Having a program entering the rankings is great recognition of the high quality of a business school. The honor of having three programs entering the FT's rankings not only fosters the school's leadership in the business education in China but also demonstrates the significant progress of China's EMBA education to the rest of the world.

The predecessor of the school was Fudan School of Business. Since its establishment in 1985, the School of Management of Fudan University has been developing by keeping up with the times and also has been a dedicated innovator and leader of business management education in China.

In the early 1990s, thanks to the introduction of modern Western business education into China, the MBA education in China started to develop quickly. In 1992, the School of Management of Fudan University was the first of its kind to launch an MBA program. At the beginning of the 21st century, the Chinese economy was seeing another round of rapid development with emergence of a large number of successful entrepreneurs and senior managers. Seeing this trend, the school introduced from the US the EMBA education that was still unseen in China and launched its top-notch EMBA Program together with the Olin Business School at Washington University, a Top 10 business school in the US.

School of Management, Fudan University has grown and improved exponentially over the past three decades. Its development over the past five to six years in particular has been significant and phenomenal. In 2010, School of Management, Fudan University was officially accredited respectively by the AACSB and the EQUIS, making it the fastest school to obtain these two major international certificates in the world. As indicated by Dean Xiongwen LU of the school, the FT's rankings are recognition of the school's persistence in internationalization. It is not only an honor but also an incentive for School to continue its endeavors to become and remain among the top business schools worldwide.

This is the first time that the Fudan EMBA Program has entered the FT's list, ranking respectively the 35th place worldwide and the 1st place among the fully Chinese-speaking EMBA programs.

Since its establishment ten years ago, the Fudan EMBA Program has seamlessly combined theory and practice in its business management education and trained over 3,000 Chinese management elites that have both international visions and rich knowledge about the environments in China. For the past decade, the companies that employ the Program's graduates have done very well and become leaders in their industries. Because of the graduates' work in optimizing corporate resources, many of these companies have successfully gone listed. Many more of the graduates of the Program chose to put into practice what they had learned in class and started their own companies.


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