Q3 economic growth in presidential election years

Here is the growth of the U.S. economy, as measured by the change in the gross domestic product, in the July-September quarter of presidential election years dating to 1980. GDP is the nation's total output of goods and services.
A minus number means the economy contracted during that quarter.
Years Third quarter GDP growth rate Outcome of presidential race
1980 -0.7 percent Reagan defeats incumbent Carter
1984 3.9 percent Incumbent Reagan defeats Mondale
1988 2.1 percent George H.W. Bush defeats Dukakis
1992 4.2 percent Clinton defeats incumbent Bush
1996 3.5 percent Incumbent Clinton defeats Dole
2000 0.3 percent George W. Bush defeats Gore
2004 3.0 percent Incumbent Bush defeats Kerry
2008 -3.7 percent Obama defeats McCain
2012 2.0 percent Obama and RomneyOutcome ???