GCR Inc. Opens Office In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La., Nov. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- New Orleans-based technology and professional services company GCR Inc. (GCR) ( http://GCRconsulting.com ) expanded today – opening a Baton Rouge office to serve its public and private sector clients. The company intends to recruit from the qualified professionals in the Baton Rouge area to support GCR's growing international client base. The new office is located at 5153 Bluebonnet Boulevard, Suite B.

GCR also recently opened a new office in Los Angeles, CA to serve recently awarded contracts on the west coast. The new offices are part of a growth strategy developed by the company's CEO, Joseph Doherty, and being implemented by the management team. Other recent, significant moves include the hiring of a new chief executive officer with international experience, the expansion of the company's business development team and the hiring of additional personnel to assist with GCR's expanding business of graphical representation of big data and information.

Joseph Doherty, GCR's Chief Executive Officer stated, "Our new Baton Rouge office allows GCR to be closer to our valued customers here in our home state and the capitol area while providing a geographically competitive option to support the gulf states, domestic and international customers and partners. We will hire professional project managers, industry experts and software developers in the Baton Rouge market."

"Employees based in the Baton Rouge office may find themselves working for clients based in this region or as far away as Asia, Latin America or Bermuda," Doherty said. Five employees are currently staffing the Baton Rouge office and Doherty expects that number to grow to 20. GCR currently employs a total of 130 professionals in its various offices.

GCR offers a broad range of consulting, planning, program management and technology-based projects and multi-year services that help clients gather, analyze and apply information. From custom developed software solutions to information management and full-range of professional services, GCR's client base includes those from aviation, elections, federal, state and municipal government, law enforcement, nuclear power, real estate and law firms and the private sector.