Transform Harnesses the Power of Predictive Analytics

Company unveils innovative Analytic Interpretation & Modeling (AIM) system; establishes new benchmark in oil & gas exploration and development technology

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Transform Software and Services, a recognized innovation leader in microseismic interpretation and reservoir analytics for conventional and unconventional E&P resources, today announced the launch of its anticipated Analytic Interpretation & Modeling (AIM) system. Built on a variety of proprietary algorithmic and technological enhancements, AIM represents a new and superior approach to optimizing petroleum exploration and field development decisions.

AIM is powered by TerraSuiteTM, Transform’s multi-user, multi-discipline, exploration and production (E&P) software platform. Leveraging the proven capabilities of analytics seen in financial, sports and consumer markets, Transform has created new technology and streamlined workflows, specifically designed to address the complexity and subtlety of modern conventional and unconventional reservoirs. By taking a unified approach to statistics, pattern recognition, automation, visualization and more, AIM contributes to several business efficiencies, including reduced cycle times, better use of human and capital resources, and superior understanding of subsurface characteristics and reservoir performance.

“The E&P workflow value of AIM is rapid, reliable and reproducible interpretation and modeling results to drive better operational decisions,” said Murray Roth, President, Transform. “At its core, this entails meeting the challenges of ever increasing data sizes and types – something that is all too familiar to today’s engineers and geoscientists. Analytic tools are used to efficiently remove bad and redundant data, to focus workflows on what matters most.

“For example,” Roth continues, “traditionally qualitative interpretation workflows are replaced by quantified classification of channel facies or estimated proximity to faults or fractures. AIM establishes deeper and broader understanding of reservoir characteristics and the impact of wellbore engineering; these in turn contribute to superior performance modeling, improved business decision-making and enhanced profitability.”

AIM’s capabilities extend to both conventional and unconventional plays; it is designed to mitigate much of the complexity found in each. These benefits are achieved through the power of predictive analytics, and proprietary algorithmic techniques that include MVStatsTM, Transform’s multi-variate analysis toolkit of linear, non-linear, unsupervised and other classification approaches. These techniques can be broadly applied to a variety of interpretation and modeling objectives, including seismic and geologic facies mapping, well log lithofacies classification, microseismic stimulated volume correlation with completions, and well production prediction.

From a business perspective, AIM capitalizes on a looming opportunity within the E&P world – the ability to broadly apply analytically-driven information that enables geoscientists and engineers to integrate engineering, geologic and geophysical data in order to more accurately predict drilling sweet spots and more optimally select drilling, completions and production engineering parameters.

“Engineers, in particular, have identified the opportunity for predictive analytics in our industry,” Roth points out. “However, the current tools at their disposal are generic statistical packages, built to span dozens of industries. The glaring weakness is that these tools are incapable of practically incorporating a range of geologic and geophysical data. AIM is built upon a broad E&P database, providing the unique capability to integrate data from essentially any discipline with state-of-the-art analytic tools. We’re confident when we say it’s a game-changing technology.”

Transform (Booth 2644) will feature live demonstrations of Analytic Interpretation & Modeling during the SEG Annual Meeting 2012 in Las Vegas, November 4-9. The company is also partnering with NEOS GeoSolutions (Booth 1176) in co-promotion to elevate awareness of predictive analytics as an emerging and invaluable resource in oil & gas exploration and production. Visit either booth during floor hours for more details.

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About Transform:

Transform Software and Services, Inc. is the leading software innovator in the E&P industry, targeting major unconventional and conventional reservoir challenges. Established in 2004, Transform has developed robust visualization, interpretation and oilfield analytic technology spanning geophysical, geological and engineering workflows for tight-oil and gas, heavy-oil, and most conventional reservoirs. Transform’s software suite is powered by the company’s proprietary analytic interpretation and modeling (AIM) platform, and is specifically designed to integrate, automate, broaden and simplify interpretation and analysis of E&P data for sweet spot targeting and well production optimization.

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