Uncovers Potential Safety Concerns of Certain Botanicals Used to Treat Symptoms of Menopause and Their Attendant Health Risks for Women

SANTA FE, N.M., Oct. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- This story is a comparative analysis of the untold story of certain botanicals for Menopause, what risks they suggest, but most importantly, what the sellers are not telling women about the risks when they take these botanicals for Menopause, and not explaining why these ingredients do not have warning labels. Menopause affects 45 million women annually. Huge numbers!

The story launched into the public four weeks ago via A summary report discussed the following:

1) In 2002, the WIH conducted a study in which 15,000 women were tested for menopause benefits using synthetic hormones. The study was shut down after 10 months because a high percentage of the participating women tested positive for specific forms of cancer.

2) Extract of Black Cohosh became the go-to botanical to treat hot flashes. Unfortunately, the extract took 6 weeks to take effect. Lastly, the extract of Black Cohosh was clinically shown to increase vaginal bleeding by 30% in women as well as raise liver toxicity levels.

3) Soon thereafter, extract of Soy Isoflavone -- represented by an active component called Genistein -- appeared on the market. The USA National Institute of Health Toxicology Unit tested Genistein in 2007 for what is called binding affinity -- the purpose of the affinity test to the two receptor sites, alpha/beta, is to reveal any potential links to cancer. Genistein did show binding affinity with ER-beta, thereby suggesting that Genistein might be linked to cancers. Extract of Siberian Rhubarb showed binding affinity to ER-beta as well.

There is a next-generation, and very safe, solution for addressing symptoms of menopause. A solution supported by significant clinical studies, evidence of safety, FDA acceptance, and testimonials. It is called EstroG-100.

EstroG-100 works in 7-10 days and manages hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, discomfort, and tingling skin. EstroG-100 has been tested via two USA-based human clinical studies; 2 anti-cancer studies; 5 toxicity tests; 2 liver-friendly studies; and 2 studies showing that EstroG-100 does not produce 2 menopause-inducing estrogens.

People need to know about the Safe Menopause Story. Stores need to know and understand which of these botanical products put them at risk -- especially those products in bottles with no warning labels. EstroG-100 is the best, and safest solution for women near, or in menopause.

For the complete story, go to - Title: "Is Fear and Discomfort the Only Way To Get Through Menopause?"

This year 45 million women in the USA are going through menopause. This is not a small issue but a major issue, and important for women who need to know the truth.

OCTOBER 18, 2012, is the global initiative called World Menopause Day. A worthy acknowledgement for 13.45% of the USA population. EstroG-100 will transform menopause - EstroG-100 is the solution, and presents the opportunity as a safer choice for women. Go to for the evidence.

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