Rocket Surgeon Announces Open Beta Program for New Facebook Game ‘For the People: Fantasy Politics’

Rocket Surgeon Amplifies the Voice of the People by Inviting Players to Participate in the Evolution of a Fun New Fantasy Political World!

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- A Facebook game that’s “for the people; by the people” opens its doors to everyone today as Rocket Surgeon announces the open beta launch of For the People: Fantasy Politics. A 3D Facebook game where players become the fictional 436th member of the House of Representatives, For the People: Fantasy Politics invites players to take control of and play a key role in shaping this fantasy democracy. Between now and the official launch on “swearing in” day for new members of Congress in January, people can break through the gridlock that is Washington by crowd-sourcing a fun and engaging game that allows players to test their skills as a U.S. Representative and provides a forum to help improve the way politics takes place in our country.

Backed by some of the best and brightest minds from both sides of the political aisle, including former US Senators Norm Coleman, Evan Bayh and Rudy Boschwitz; noted political strategist Joe Trippi, and acknowledged polling expert Jon Lerner, For the People: Fantasy Politics is a political sim for Facebook that promises to be fun, challenging and capable of changing the way people communicate with their elected representatives. To find out more, check out the For the People: Fantasy Politics video.

“While an extremely fun game that will appeal to a wide audience from political junky to casual Facebook user, For the People: Fantasy Politics has the potential to change the relationship between elected official and constituent,” says Shel Mann, CEO and Founder of Rocket Surgeon. “We named the game ‘For the People’ because we want it to be a platform through which people can express their views and help us shape future game design. This unique development model ensures that this game is truly representative of the will of the people.”

For the People: Fantasy Politics is the first political Facebook game to combine the unique attributes of modeling actual voting records of real members of Congress to predict how they might vote on a given issue, daily polls and legislation based on real-world current events and issues, and the ability to create coalitions from the diverse Facebook universe.

To make the world of fantasy politics even more fun, For the People: Fantasy Politics has you create and customize your personal avatar and congressional office so that you can interact with other members of the House. Entertaining animations and behaviors keep the action moving as you use cards to debate and negotiate various bills and amendments.

You’ll also be able to get your friends to co-sponsor your legislation; take meetings with representatives of various Special Interest Groups (SIGs); campaign for reelection; debate your opponent; and take part in daily polls to make your voice heard on real-life issues.

About Rocket Surgeon Entertainment

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Rocket Surgeon is a digital entertainment company whose persistent simulation games promise to engage, entertain and educate players by allowing avatar migration across titles and integrating current events, real-world predictive modeling and topical polling. More information can be found online at, or by following their first offering, For the People: Fantasy Politics on Twitter @4thePeopleGame or Facebook.

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