One of California's Largest Public Education Law Firms Redefines Client Service

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost (F3), a full-service public education law firm, is proud to announce the formation of its Client Services Group. Composed of former public education professionals and seasoned general counsel attorneys, the F3 Client Services Group is purposefully structured to mirror the composition of public education district leadership teams so that the firm can offer support services to these functions.

"Since its inception, F3 has taken great pride in our innovative efforts to address the issues facing our clients," said F3 Partner and Client Services Chair Peter Fagen. "The Client Services Group brings together practical support services so that we can lend our clients a hand with operational needs, and all F3 Client Services Group recommendations are reviewed and approved by a member of the firm's legal staff, ensuring that our recommendations are legally sound."

Today's public school administrators have lean budgets and even leaner staffs, which inspired the firm to establish the Client Services Group.

"Up and down the state, we see that our clients are being asked to do more with less. Less funding, fewer resources, and fewer people seems to be the common theme for public education," said Jan E. Tomsky, F3 Managing Partner.

There is a call to action for school and community college districts to examine their limited support services to ensure that they are maximizing every possible resource. Given that F3 is dedicated to serve public education, the firm's owners believe that this is also a call to action for the firm to step up to the plate and offer a new brand of legal service.

"I am excited to join F3's Client Services Group," said John A. Roach, former Superintendent of the Carlsbad Unified School District and an Education Leadership Consultant with the Client Services Group. "Across the state, the firm is highly regarded for its excellent legal services, and I believe the work offered by this new group will be a valuable resource to our many clients. I am proud to be part of this innovative new service for school administrators."

Members of the F3 Client Services Group include:

John A. Roach, Ed. D., former Superintendent of the Carlsbad and Charter Oak Unified School Districts. Dr. Roach works with new superintendents and district cabinets regarding a wide range of needs, including building long-term strategic plans, mentoring governance teams and building strong employee and community outreach programs.

Terilyn Finders, former trustee from the Las Virgenes Unified School District. Ms. Finders has over 25 years of experience in communications and crisis communications. She provides communications and media assistance to F3 clients. Ms. Finders works with the firm's clients on messages related to bargaining, employee matters and other situations that can create employee, community and media attention.

Lynn Murphy, Ed.D, former Deputy Superintendent and Chief Business Official in the Chaffey Joint Union High School District. Ms. Murphy is also an attorney. She provides clients with assistance across all areas of business and operations, from creating and maintaining community oversight committees to analyzing budgets and creating presentations that translate complex school finance matters into digestible consumer messages.

Roy Combs, former in-house counsel in the Oakland Unified School District. Mr. Combs has tremendous expertise across all areas of governance. A skilled trainer and exceptional mentor, Mr. Combs can work with clients to address and ameliorate the most challenging governance team matters.

Kate Parnes, the former SELPA Director for South East Santa Clara County, applies her knowledge to special education operations program reviews and audits, in-service training development and delivery and mentoring for new special education administrators.

Vicki McKendall, former Administrative Coordinator of Special Education, Due Process Department for the Los Angeles Unified School District, assists clients with careful analysis of systemic issues, IEP records reviews and she helps build training programs to strengthen district and county office of education counseling and psychology services.

Peter K. Fagen, Chair, F3 Client Services Group and Partner, is a trusted advisor to governance teams and superintendents throughout the state. A skilled trainer, Mr. Fagen works with clients to build and deliver in-service training programs across all areas of leadership and employment law.

F3 has over 55 attorneys in six offices located across the state, including Fresno, the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento and San Diego. Areas of practice include Business, Facilities, Construction & Real Estate; Charters; eMatters; Governance & Leadership; Higher Education; Labor & Employment; Litigation, Student & Special Education.

The firm's educational foundation established the Celebrate Success student awards series. Cash awards are provided to through four campaigns, including the Celebrate Success art contest, Why Education Matters essay contest, Celebrate Success photography contest, and Going Green! which recognizes student-led environmental programs. In all, F3's Celebrate Success Student Awards Program recognizes over 20 students every year with cash awards ranging from $ 250 to $ 5,000.

Brian Padgett

SOURCE Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost