Tango Networks Announces Mobile Call Recording Application

Enables Mobile Carriers and Enterprises to Address Regulatory Compliance

FRISCO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Tango Networks, a leading technology provider that enables enterprises to embrace the power of Mobile Unified Communications with any mobile phone, today announced the commercial availability of its Mobile Call Recording application, providing enterprises addressing legal or regulatory requirements with the ability to securely record and archive calls made by employees using any mobile device.

Tango’s Mobile Call Recording application is tightly integrated with the mobile network, and intelligently routes employees’ mobile calls and messages to the enterprise call recording system, which can either be premise or cloud-based. The solution works with all mobile phones as there is no client software required on the mobile device. This means it is also enforceable and cannot be circumvented by a target user. The company is currently partnering with industry-leading mobile call recording providers to enhance its offerings and capabilities for customers.

The proliferation of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend in the workplace is challenging IT departments to find ways to extend compliance with governmental laws or enterprise policies when employees conduct business on a mobile call. Tango’s unique, network-based offering enables mobile carriers and service providers to deliver the enforceability enterprises require in order to fully adhere to legal compliance mandates.

“Mobile Call Recording provides enterprises, particularly those in the financial and legal industries, with the monitoring and compliance capabilities for an employee’s mobile device,” states Brenda Boehm, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tango Networks. “The growing demand for compliance-related mobile call recording is an important topic in the industry. We see natural synergies of mobile call recording with the need for Mobile Unified Communications, which our customers are using to give employees the flexibility to remain connected even while away from their desks.”

The Mobile Call Recording application enables IT departments to establish when and whom to record while also providing comprehensive policy features, and the desired user privacy during non-business hours. Tango’s Mobile Call Recording application is part of the company’s suite of Mobile Unified Communications applications, which easily integrate the mobile network with the enterprise telephony infrastructure.

The Tango solution enables mobile carriers to integrate their network with an enterprise’s PBX, Unified Communications (UC), or Centrex systems, which means enterprise users can enjoy familiar PBX features – such as integrated voice mail, single number, presence, and short-digit dialing – and advanced Mobile Unified Communications (Mobile UC) applications while using the mobile device of their choosing.

About Tango Networks

Tango Networks transforms any mobile device into an enterprise office phone. Our technology securely connects the enterprise IP telephony infrastructure with the mobile network to give users access to the most advanced Mobile Unified Communications applications and capabilities on the market. With Tango, enterprise users can utilize the rich Unified Communications and PBX features from their office phones on any mobile device, such as integrated voice mail, short-digit dialing, mobile call recording and mobile presence, while also enjoying our full suite of applications. Tango’s customers include Tier 1 mobile carriers in North America and Europe, as well as a rapidly growing base of enterprise and government customers worldwide. To learn more about Tango Networks, please visit www.tango-networks.com or follow Tango on Twitter http://twitter.com/tangonetworks.

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