New Mobile App Developed to Save Thousands of Lives in Earthquakes

SYDNEY, Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A revolutionary new iPhone App called Earthquake Buddy has been developed to locate loved ones in the world's earthquake zones during the event of an earthquake.

According to CEO of the development company, The App Collective, Adam Wells, the creation of Earthquake Buddy was stimulated out of a need to better assist rescue services after an earthquake.

"We were astonished to learn that most rescue services are often flummoxed at where to start finding missing victims of large earthquakes," said Wells.

The app, once downloaded, prompts users to enter their own details and those of 4 friends or family members in order to become their 'Buddies'.

In the event of an earthquake registering above 5.5, the user's buddies will instantaneously receive an email displaying a Google map of the user's location.

The email is designed to be received prior to any Telco outage and is sent from the cloud so users do not have to rely on the iPhone itself. Buddies also have the option of receiving an SMS, a Facebook post and a Tweet with the same details.

The technology has been designed for those living in earthquake regions as well as tourists and business people intending to travel to Earthquake-prone destinations such as Japan, Asia and West Coast USA.

The company is introducing the technology through a number of prominent world organizations including the UN, The World Bank's disaster management arm and the World President's Organization.

"Our aim is to introduce the app online and at a ground level through world organizations who can implement their duty of care by ensuring all smartphone users carry this app," said Wells.

Professor Ed Blakely, known as the global 'Recovery Tsar' who led the Hurricane Katrina recovery, has also thrown his weight behind the life-saving technology.

"The app's ingenuity, coupled with the harnessing of community engagement, makes this the best rescue app in the world."

Earthquake Buddy is available from the App Store and is available in English, Spanish and Japanese.

An Android version of the app is due to launch soon.

Professor Blakely and Adam Wells are available for interview.

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