Global 3-D Media Platform Launched On U.S. & Canada Televisions: 3doo Announces Panasonic Partnership For North America Markets

NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- 3doo, Inc., the world's first global 3-D media platform integrating and commercializing the mushrooming global 3-D content market, today announced a North America partnership with Panasonic, one of the world's leading 3-D television manufacturers, that will feature 3doo as a dedicated application on Panasonic's newest line of VIERA 3-D televisions in consumer markets in the United States and Canada.

Users are able to easily install the new 3doo application among Panasonic's other premium entertainment services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu.

Today's announcement follows the successful March 27 launch of 3doo on Panasonic's European line of VIERA 3-D televisions, on which 3doo is currently live and pre-installed. Panasonic is among the world's top five manufacturers of televisions.

"Panasonic's decision to launch 3doo on its U.S. & Canada 'smart' TVs and deliver high-quality 3-D content to millions of television viewers marks an extraordinary next step in our company's growth model," stated Michael Stougiannos, CEO of 3doo. "With the push of just one button, 3doo will quickly and easily connect Panasonic's American and Canadian television consumers to eye-popping and ever-expanding 3-D content."

3doo's media platform integrates the full range of professional and personal 3-D content – including premium Hollywood studio movie trailers, artistic and short 3-D films – through seamless digital connectivity with 3-D TV devices worldwide, including televisions and soon to come, computers and tablets, smartphones, and digital cameras and camcorders.

The 3doo media platform is the superior 3-D marketplace providing owners of quality 3-D content the opportunity to present, market and distribute their films and clips directly into millions of living rooms.

3doo plans to introduce 3-D commercials directly into user living rooms worldwide, creating a new sector for the global advertising industry.

3doo is also creating the digital space for "my3doo" 3-D social networking, to allow users to share their content and social networking activities in 3-D worldwide. A beta version of "my3doo" is currently available to Panasonic's VIERA television consumers.

"3doo continues to capture the imagination and viewing loyalty of young and innovative 3-D consumers and producers," Stougiannos stated. "With operations in the Unites States, Europe and Canada, 3doo is positioning to enter major markets in China, India and beyond, as 3-D televisions, computer monitors, smart phones, and digital cameras and recorders unleash a technological revolution in entertainment and other 3-D applications."

He added that 3doo is currently in negotiations with other leading global television and mobile device manufacturers as well as established content providers to vastly expand its user base across all major markets worldwide.

For further details, please see the Panasonic Global website

About 3doo:
Founded in 2010, 3doo is the world's first-of-its kind fully-integrated global 3-D media platform, quickly and easily connecting the full range of 3-D media content to the full range of 3-D user devices currently on the market and projected for near-term development. 3doo's cloud-based architecture and technologies deliver a highly scalable hardware-independent platform, offering fast, reliable & user-friendly access to 3-D content and services; compatibility with a broad range of 3-D devices; easy uploading procedures for all users; hosting of personal and commercial 3-D content; and monetization of professional 3-D content through revenue sharing and on-demand sales. For further details, please see the 3doo Inc. website

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