SOS Online Backup™ Brings Democracy to Software Development with the SOS Partner Beta Group

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SOS Online Backup™ has launched a vote-based crowdsourcing community for its Managed Service Providers. SOS calls the community the SOS Partner Beta Group. SOS founder and CEO, Ken Shaw, refers to the SOS Partner Beta Group platform as "American Idol style product feature development".


Shaw actively monitors and participates in the SOS Partner Beta Group forums, in which SOS's partners suggest features and then vote on them. These votes and comments shape the upcoming product development plans. "Our partners are literally voting on new features as they come up for each two-week development cycle. One partner gets one vote. It's truly democratic feature creation and prioritization. We give full view of our engineering roadmap to our partners. They know that their vote influences what SOS is building for them and their end-users."

SOS Online Backup's partners are invigorated by the new approach to crowdsourcing. Clayton Reeves, Operations Manager at Utah Tech Solutions is involved on a daily basis. "The discussion with other partners is probably the most valuable piece that I get out of it." Reeves also notes that his knowledge of technology gives him a special appreciation for the SOS Partner Beta Group, "Being someone who writes software, the ability to help shape the future of such an iconic piece is amazing."

Michael Papazachariou of Ominous Technology Solutions has been involved in the SOS Partner Beta Group from the beginning. "MSPs and resellers rarely have the opportunity to be so directly involved in the product's lifecycle. SOS is doing a remarkable job by allowing this via the SOS Partner Beta Group." Papazachariou added, "The SOS Partner Beta Group is an excellent idea, bringing partners face-to-face with the product development team."

Shaw acknowledges that in most firms, engineering and development process roadmaps are kept far away from business partners and other customers, which he views as a detriment. "When our partners ask for something, we can sometimes build it as quickly as 12 minutes after the request. I challenge you to name another software company with as many customers as we have that can move that quickly."

In September 2012, SOS's product development team unleashed its first product test to the SOS Partner Beta Group. This test will conclude in approximately two weeks. The product being tested is a web-based collaboration solution. Currently it is being tested by more than 50 of SOS's 900 partners. In September, the group pushed remote deployment to the top of the SOS engineering team's priority list. This feature will ship by the end of October 2012.

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