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Gaming App Approved for iOS 6: Wing Whackers

Already Approved for New Operating System, Entertaining and Educational: Wing Whackers Redefines Rules of The Game

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Once a quick publishing platform for small and large developers alike, the Apple App Store is undergoing a major overhaul. The release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 has the mobile app industry racing against time developing upgrades and now seeking approval from the overwhelmed Apple reviewers. Surprisingly, amongst the first to receive approval is a Houston boutique development shop, TechStudios, LLC, with their game Wing Whackers, beating internet giant Google Maps to the punch. It may seem underwhelming that one has better odds at winning the Texas Lotto 10 times than finding this game in the App Store, as it battles 700,000 others for recognition.

Unlike other apps of its kind, Wing Whackers has a not-so-hidden agenda. Forging beyond mere entertainment for the masses, this game is striving to use the app industry as a platform for awareness. The game involves winged characters and wind farm environments that are true to life and serve an educational purpose. The reality is, wind turbines, as Donald Trump stated, “… are bird killing machines, they kill birds.”

Green energy killing birds may seem like a catch 22, but there are ways to minimize the toll taken on avian life. The first step is to raise awareness, which is what TechStudios, LLC intends to do vicariously through Wing Whackers, along with donating a percentage of all proceeds to, whose mission is to rehabilitate injured and orphaned birds of prey and return to their habitats or provided sanctuary. To further demonstrate their dedication to this cause, TechStudios, LLC invites you to play all the levels of Wing Whackers for free for the next seven days.

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